MDM Solutions

Supporting a large fleet of Macs can grow into a very time consuming task for your organisation, especially if you do not have the technical staff available to test, install and update the following:


  • MacOS
  • Applications
  • System/User Configurations.


If you are looking for a solution to help with managing your macs, then please get in touch, as I can offer some excellent solutions that will automate a large amount of these tasks, which will allow your organisation to step back, confident that your macs are working correctly.


Managing your Apple devices, whether it’s a hands off approach to enabling your current IT support team to manage them effectively, I can recommend alternative options depending on your current management solutions and IT environment, which would include:


  • Software deployment
  • Setup of automated tasks where possible
  • Creation of bespoke software for your IT support team
  • Option of cloud or in-house MDM setup and configuration.


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Recycle & Replace

The removal of old IT equipment can be a complex process, especially when disposing of them correctly so that you comply with the WEEE Directive.


I can do all this for you and provide a breakout of what equipment can be re-used or disposed, with any savings taken from the cost of new purchases.


This would include:


  • Wipe data
  • Remove from desk
  • Asset all devices removed
  • Provide documentation of all removed devices including their value.
  • Unpack and install new Apple devices
  • Install to desk and remove packaging.


I can also offer configuration of the devices depending on what MDM solution you decide to use.



Technical Support

Having supported Apple devices for over 10 years I am confident that your technical problems can be resolved as quickly as possible. Whether you need remote or on-site help, I always go above and beyond to deliver support you can rely on.


Not only do I provide technical support, I also offer professional advice on your current Apple devices and can offer alternative solutions in making sure you are maximising your products, and in most cases, look at reducing your overall replacement costs.


I also specialise in software deployment in education and business environments. This can include new and existing installations of macOS and application software to providing your tech support team with the tools to maintain your macs, offering technical training where required.