macOS Mojave – Are you ready?

There have been some important changes that have arrived with macOS Mojave. To an individual user, these changes are not an issue in terms of day to day use. However, for IT administrators supporting your organisation, these are important changes that will require you to rethink how you manage your Macs.


Firmware Updates

Macs now get firmware updates over the Internet. Apple states you must be connected to the Internet when upgrading macOS and the macOS Installer uses the model number of your Mac to identify and download a firmware update specific to that Mac to enable it to recognise APFS. This requirement has the following implications, such as the way the macOS installer downloads and installs updates.


Monolithic System Imaging Changes

Organisations have used imaging as a way of setting up new macs. Imaging, or more specifically, monolithic system imaging, involves creating a disk image, complete with config settings and apps, then restoring that image onto the boot drive of a new mac. However, Apple is now explicitly warning against using monolithic system imaging when upgrading or updating macOS High Sierra, as the macOS Installer needs to download necessary firmware updates during installation and not doing so could end up with the Macs in an unsupported and potentially unstable state.


I can make sure you are ready for these changes, whether you require a small scale mac deployment option, to creating an MDM solution for your large fleet of Macs and other Apple devices within your organisation.